Yamaha’s motorcycle line-up is reinforced for 2013 with the introduction of a number of uprated models. Both the FJR1300A and the FJR1300AS sport tourers benefit from significant engine and chassis changes to offer an even more rewarding riding experience. In the important 600cc category the XJ6 models feature a number of detail changes, and an additional special version is added to the line-up.

Both the Fazer8 and FZ8 Naked have undergone suspension and exhaust upgrades – and in addition to the standard colours, all of the FZ8 and XJ6 models will also be available in Yamaha’s dynamic new Race Blu livery for 2013.


Yamaha FJR1300

Yamaha FJR1300

Sharper style. More control. Improved functionality.
This is the machine that can justifiably claim to have been responsible for the growth and development of the true sport tourer category in the past decade. By offering class-leading engine and chassis performance combined with high levels of comfort and genuine long-distance capability, the FJR1300A and the FJR1300AS have built up a strong and committed following amongst Europe’s serious motorcyclists.

For 2013 Yamaha announce the new-generation FJR1300A/AS models which are designed to give today’s sport touring riders a sharper style, higher levels of engine and chassis control, and significantly improved functionality with enhanced riding pleasure.

Featuring fresh and aggressive new bodywork, as well as an uprated engine benefiting from the Yamaha’s latest electronic control technology, and a refined sports chassis, the latest FJR1300A brings higher levels of quality, performance and satisfaction to the discerning customer.

And for those sport tourer riders who demand two-wheeled technical excellence, the latest FJR1300AS is equipped with similar features seen on the FJR1300A. In addition to this, the 2013 FJR1300AS also benefits from a refined YCC-S clutchless gearchange system, and – for the first time on any Yamaha production model – a new electronic suspension adjustment mechanism.


Detail changes for Yamaha’s XJ6 series

New Yamaha XJ6SP

New Yamaha XJ6SP

Powered by a 600cc 4-cylinder engine housed in a compact, easy-handling Aluminium Deltabox chassis, Yamaha’s XJ6, Diversion and Diversion F have a strong following amongst European riders. Offering everyday versatility combined with a high specification and a sharp, contemporary look, these three models benefit from a range of detail changes for 2013. In addition to the technical changes, the XJ6, Diversion and Diversion F will also be available in the exclusive new Race Blu Series colour scheme which was revealed recently at the Misano MotoGP.

New XJ6 SP

Joining the XJ6 line-up for 2013 is the new XJ6 SP. Based on the XJ6, the new SP model is equipped with special carbon-look parts and a stylish and comfortable new 2-piece seat. Featuring a new black and grey colour scheme with black wheels, this exclusive new 600 combines strong all-round performance with a cool streetwise look. Aimed at those riders looking for the ultimate XJ6, the new SP model extends Yamaha’s middleweight range to offer more choice. In technical terms the XJ6 SP shares all the features of the 2013 XJ6.
Yamaha FZ8

Yamaha FZ8

Uprated suspension and detail changes for FZ8
With good looks, an impressive 779cc engine and lightweight Deltabox frame, the Fazer8 and naked FZ8 are truly versatile sports bikes.

For 2013 both the half faired Fazer8 and the naked FZ8 are equipped with adjustable front and rear suspension systems that allow the rider to fine tune the chassis to suit a range of road surface and load carrying conditions.

Also new for 2013 are clear turn signal lenses, and an all-new muffler design gives a quality sound and accentuates the bikes aggressive good looks. Alongside the stock colours, the Fazer8 and FZ8 will also be available in the exclusive new Race Blu Series livery for 2013.

Yamaha AeroxR

Yamaha AeroxR

Yamaha’s ultimate 2-stroke sports scooter
The original Yamaha Aerox R has become a legend in the minds of teenagers all over Europe. For many thousands of aspiring riders, the Yamaha Aerox R has been their first taste of two-wheeled freedom.

Teenagers know exactly what they want, and they want the Aerox. Aimed at those riders who appreciate head-turning supersport looks combined with thrilling 2-stroke performance, the Aerox R is the scooter that style-conscious teenagers choose to be seen on.

For 2013 Yamaha announce the introduction of the redesigned Aerox R, which is ready to capture the imagination of a whole new generation of European teenagers. This exciting sports scooter has been dramatically restyled for 2013, and now features even more supersport-inspired bodywork and a higher overall specification that is ready to show today’s teenagers that the Aerox R is still the leading sports scooter.

The great news for all sports scooter fans is that the new Aerox R runs with the latest version of Yamaha’s rapid and reliable 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine. Delivering free-revving acceleration combined with a racy exhaust note, the 2-stroke is still the only way to go for many riders. And with its all-new bodywork, sports chassis and radical R-series inspired styling, the new Aerox is more than a worthy successor to its legendary namesake.

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