Yamaha Fazer 153

Yamaha Fazer 153

The Fazer is a basic street bike offered by Yamaha for everyday riders. For a standard entry level bike, the looks are quite off beat and eye catching. It provides for all the basic necessities in a nice package.

Looks and Design

The Yamaha Fazer is definitely a macho looking bike. It is characterized by a big fuel tank designed with scooped knee recesses and a split level seat. The round head light with the speedometer and fuel gauge provided on top of it are typical of Yamaha style.

Key Features

The Fazer features a four stroke, 4 cylinder engine with a displacement good enough for everyday usage. A front telescopic fork and rear swing arm provide for good suspension. The best thing about the Fazer is that it gives you both front and rear disk brakes. The front one is a double disk brake while the rear has a single disk one.

Other Features

At 125Kg the Yamaha Fazer 153 Reviews is a middle weight bike with a sturdy built for daily commutation. A four speed gear box gives you enough leverage to drive through the city traffic with ease while all the body parts have the robust build quality of Yamaha. The fuel tank capacity is large enough and the average per liter too is good.

Final Verdict

The Fazer is for everybody who trusts Yamaha. It does not have any fancy add ons to it and comes across as a basic street bike. However it is worth noticing that it does not have a self start option and only has a kick start. Otherwise the bike is great value for money as you can use it and use it some more without getting any serious complaint. As it is most of the time with Yamaha bikes, the Fazer is a consistent performer and a good choice is you are looking for a basic, no frills attached bike.

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