Yamaha Electric Guitars

Yamaha Electric Guitars

Yamaha is considered to be one of the best producers of musical instruments, and over the years has definitely moved to the top position, in the guitar manufacturing sector too. It is well known that, Yamaha started with the production of guitars during the 1940’s and from there on it has managed to satisfy the needs of all kinds of guitar players – from beginners to professionals.

Debut of Yamaha Electric Guitars

Electric guitars were introduced in the year 1964, and Yamaha managed to make a debut in the year 1966, with the launch of Yamaha Electric Guitars. Yamaha managed to release another model of electric guitar in the same year known as, the Yamaha Electric Bass Guitar. Thus it was during the year 1964, Yamaha Electric Guitars made their debut in the world of electrifying music.

Climbing the Top of the Ladder

In the mid 1970’s, Carlos Santana – a legendary guitar artist started using them, and made sure to spread the world with the facts that attracted him towards these. The unique features and the superb quality provided by these guitars from Yamaha, made every popular brand in America to turn their heads towards it. Yamaha Electric Guitar – SG2000 was a model that was designed with inputs from the great Carlos Santana, it had a through neck construction and also the T-Cross System and Sustained Plate – the patent for the same were owned by Yamaha. Yamaha Electric Guitars have sealed their position at the top, as many other legends signed an endorsement with their firm. Here is the list of those legends that teamed up with Yamaha Steve Cropper, Carlos Rios, Bob Marley and Phil Manzanera. Yamaha has managed to satisfy the needs of its versatile list of customers, by producing guitars that were used by the great guitar innovators, to guitars that were used by the beginner.

Yamaha’s Iron Hold on the Top Position

Just like the Yamaha Electric Guitar – SG2000 in the mid 1970’s, the new Yamaha Broad Bass guitars turned the music world upside down during the year 1977. Once again Yamaha made the statement very clear that, they are strong contenders for the top position in guitar manufacturing with the launch of their unique “Broad Bass” or “BB1200” bass guitars. The peerless build quality combined with the inherent advantages in terms of stability made them an instant hit in the music world. In the early 1980’s Paul McCartney played the BB1200 of Yamaha and from there on there have been great session players like Abraham Laboriel, Nathan East, Billy Sheehan, John Patitucci and John Myung who are still linked with Yamaha’s world of Bass.

The specialty of Yamaha Electric Guitars is that, all the inputs and customizations that came through the great legendary guitar players have been implemented even in those guitars that are made especially for the beginners. This shows how Yamaha has managed to satisfy the customer needs, right from the beginners to the experts in the field of music.

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