jonathan rea monza It is perhaps fitting that the Parabolica forms the final part of the Honda World Superbike Team’s series on some of the most iconic and important corners on the World Superbike calendar.

Monza is arguably more deeply immersed in motorsport history than any other racing circuit on the planet and its final corner is critical to achieving maximum impetus down Monza’s 1km-long start-finish straight.

The Parabolica starts as a relatively tight right-hander at the end of the straight following the Ascari chicane, but, as the corner develops, its radius increases allowing the Superbike riders to catapult their machines on to another lap or towards the finish line.

In this final episode of SBK Classic Corners, Honda rider Jonathan Rea explains the complicated techniques required to tackle the Parabolica successfully. He’s joined by Pirelli’s Giorgio Barbier, who explains the particular stresses that Monza puts on the company’s tyres, and by Eurosport commentator Jack Burnicle, who describes some of Monza’s incredible racing heritage.

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