Victory Motorbike Shift Ratchet Alternative

The Victory Motorbike is a really well constructed piece of equipment. I’ve owned a Victory Kingpin since 2004. I’ve had no issues of the bikes and am more than happy with my motorbike. This text will deal with the only factor I did have this is associated with a failed shifter section. The feared Victory Shift ratchet.

In the future whilst driving, I started experiencing downshifting issues my kingpin. It simplest occurs every now and then and it feels find it irresistible is striking up when i’m seeking to downshift. I’ve adjusted the snatch cable and adjusted the oil with out a get to the bottom of. I’m working complete artificial AMSOIL 20W50 motorbike oil within the transmission and was once considering the oils was once too thick for the snatch plates. After converting the oil to the Victory OEM multi-blend artificial, the issue with moving nonetheless existed.

I made up our minds to take a couple of extra take a look at rides to diagnose the issue. I did realize that if i push the shift ratchet shaft in (has about 1/eight inch motion out and in) it sort of feels to quickly forestall the issue. I went to the Victory Motorbike Answers neighborhood web page and feature learn other people discuss shift ratchet as being the perpetrator. after studying a number of posts in this knowledge, I contacted my favourite Victory motorbike dealership, Santa Rosa VeeTwin. They showed that I want to change the shift ratchet. The reason is the remainder spring fails through the years.

The Victory dealership defined that Victory modified the ratchet someway after 2000 because of onerous moving proceedings. Additionally they said that they’ve noticed extra problems like this with the ones Victory riders with motive force floorboards. The drivers with ground forums will in most cases do a lazy shift. Anyways the ratchet might be worn on each ends, thus permitting the moving to proceed down and now not enticing.

Being that I’m at hand with a wrench and at all times up for a problem, I ordered the OEM substitute portions from Victory. I had to get the shift ratchet and new transmission gaskets. I’ve the Victory Kingpin carrier handbook however it didn’t give an explanation for precisely how to do that shift ratchet substitute. So I took my time and video taped the entirety.

The fundamentals steps enthusiastic about doing this shift ratchet substitute is as follows:

1 – Drain the entire oil from your Victory Motorbike. Believe me, I didn’t do that and made an enormous mess after I got rid of the transmission quilt.

2 – Take away the entire transmission quilt bolts.

three – Now the onerous section, pull of the transmission quilt. Be aware the snatch magnet could be very robust and won’t need to surrender the quilt too simply. Pull immediately out and watch your hands.

four – As soon as the quilt is off and the rest oil spills out, observer how the shift ratchet is situated. Be aware this via taking an image or video taping it. It is important to set up the brand new shift ratchet in the similar place with the superstar wheel engaged appropriately.

five – Do the substitute and now not blank off the outdated transmission quilt gasket and set up the brand new one. It is a should to forestall leakage.

6 – Set up the transmission quilt. Once more have in mind of the magnet, this may increasingly suck the quilt proper on and take off your finger for those who aren’t paying consideration.

7 – Set up the quilt bolts flippantly and test torque settings.

eight – Fill the motorbike up with AMSOIL complete artificial 20W50 V-Dual motorbike oil.

nine – Get started the motorbike and test for oil leaks.

10 – If all appears to be like just right, take a look at experience the motorbike and spot how superb it’s to have the shifter operating once more.

You are actually some of the few and proud Victory motorbike homeowners to move thru this implausible repairs job.

Source via Beau Wiley

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