Toronto Used Harley Davidson

Toronto Used Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a dream bike every bike lover wants to possess one in his lifetime. But such a beautiful piece of machine is not easy to afford as they are as or more expensive then cars. So when it comes to such propositions people look for second hand or used bikes. You have so many bike lovers in Toronto, Canada and you have quite a few Harley Davidson running all over the place. There is a big market in Toronto used Harley Davidson bikes. Since quite a few people own HD bikes there so it is obliviously available for the second hand use since all these bike lovers wants to upgrade theirs with the new models. And for others it becomes a golden chance to own a Harley Davidson.

Under one decade old models Toronto used Harley Davidson may be bought for 10000-15000$ .  Models from years 1999 to 2004 are the hit in the category;  A Softail FatBoy of 2003 with approximately 35000+ Kms may be possessed for 13580$ This state of art bike’s every nut and bolt is chrome plated and polished. The color is original numbered paint 67 in the list of HD bikes.  The seat is handcrafted Ostrich and The wheels are of Casino’s. A 2008 Softail-1 the 105 Anniversary Edition is also available for good price of 11,500 $ , it has done only 15328 Kms. In 3 years its’ never been dropped and the chrome is in very good condition which makes it a good bargain.  It looks as good as new the way it is rolled from the showroom. No knick, scratch or scuff on the bike is what makes it an excellent buy. This particular Toronto used Harley Davidson has never seen rain so one can imagine the condition of the machine.

The Toronto Used motor dealers are quite genuine as they not only deal with bikes alone they also deal with trucks, cars and other vehicles. Moreover, when it Harley Davidson no matter who the dealer is and who the buyer is, it got to be good because they are making quality bikes for over a century now. The HD engines are V-twin (2 Cylinder) Engines with pistons mounted as “V” at 45° angle. This angle is patented in USA and allows high torque engine in a relatively smaller place. The higher end bikes are also available on a little higher price that is a decade old and so. For instance a Toronto used Harley Davidson of 2003, Heritage Springer with approx 12000 KMs of mileage is available for 20, 295$ . This surely is an expensive deal for a used bike but this heritage Springer is 100Th anniversary Edition that carries emblems of the same. It is a collector’s Item with a quick detachable back rest. It also come windshield and light visors. One should be understood that prices mentioned here do not include licensing fees, administration charges and freight and financial charges if applicable. Sometimes buyer wants to get the pre-delivery inspection done.

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