The Open Road: Accident Lawyers in Tampa Prepare for Motorcyclists

The Open Road: Accident Lawyers in Tampa Prepare for Motorcyclists

Florida has wide flat roads and warm weather that make the state a motorcyclist’s dream. As the influx of motorcyclists into the sunshine state swells, safety is becominga key issue. Personal injury lawyers in Tampa, and accident lawyers in Tampa, become very busy this time of year as college kids are preparing to head down to areas like Tampa, Clearwater, and Daytona Beach, and Bike Week approaches. Every one of the United States has seen a steady increase in accidents involving motorcycles, and Florida’s motorcycle crashes have more than doubled over the last decade, between 1990 and 2008, according to the Ride Smart Florida website. The site also admonishes that while licensed motorcycles accounted for only 6% of Florida’s drivers in 2009, they represented 15.7% of all fatalities on Florida’s roadways.Some of these fatalitiesare a direct result of the repeal of Florida’s helmet law over a decade ago, and a staggering amount is due to drinking and driving on the part of the motorcyclist, or an automobile operator. While there is a difference in how these statistics are reported, it’s important, and much to your benefit, to remember that legally, there is no difference between operation of a car or operation of a motorcycle while under the influence. If you have any questions regarding alcohol related accidents, an accident lawyer in Tampa is able to answer them.

The likelihood of getting involved in a motorcycle accident is five times greater if you have been drinking any alcohol at all and the chances of a crash increase by an astounding forty times if you havea blood alcohol content greater than 0.05 %. Although you aren’t legally drunk in Florida unless your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08% or greater, these statistics serve to show that any amount of alcohol is unsafe if you intend to ride. The debate over possibly impaired and legally drunk is best left to a personal injury lawyer in Tampa.

Without the overall protection that a car or truck provides, the force of a motorcycle crash more often than not results in broken bones, concussions, injuries to internal organs, neck or back injuries and even fatality. Motorcycle crash injuries typically require immediate hospital care and treatment. Personal injury lawyers in Tampa are aware of this, and prepare themselves regularly to deal with protecting your rights, and getting you compensation for your injuries when you are entitled to them. In 2008, the average Florida hospital bill for the treatment of motorcycle accident injuries was just over forty seven thousand dollars, and the average length of stay in the hospital was four days.

Florida minimum coverage does NOT include liability coverage,which means that the motorcyclist’s injuries may not be covered by the other party’s insurance. Recovering your financial losses from medical bills is difficult enough, even with a personal injury lawyer in Tampa fighting for you, and they warn that buying the UM coverage may be the only way to receive compensation for injuries, pain and suffering after an accident. If you are involved in any type of motorcycle accident, and have been injured, it is of utmost importance that you consult an experienced accident lawyer in Tampa or personal injury lawyer in Tampa who understands Florida motorcycle laws. You need a settlement that will help compensate you for your lost wages, pain and suffering.

Kris Leeds is a freelance writer for Roman and Roman Law, a Tampa based personal injury attorney. For more information about car accident lawyer Tampa and Clearwater accident lawyer, please visit online.

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