The History of BMW – Ideal Engines and Gearboxes

The History of BMW – Ideal Engines and Gearboxes
The history of BMW- Ideal Engines and Gearboxes

The BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) company is a German manufacturing company which produces automobiles, motorcycles and engines. BMW also owns the MINI brand and produces those as well. The motorcycles BMW produces are marketed under BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna tags. BMW is also the parent company of the Rolls Royce Motor Company.

BMW started its existence in 1917 as a restructure of the Rapp Motorenworke aircraft manufacturing firm. In 1918, after World War 1 BMW was forced to stop production of the aircraft engines under the terms of the Versailles Armistice Treaty. The company then shifted to motorcycle production in 1923 after the restrictions of the treaty began to be lifted. Automobile production then followed in late 1928.

In 1959, BMW was having serious financial problems within its automotive division. A meeting was called of its share holders to determine whether the company should go into liquidation or to struggle through and find a way to carry on. The share holders decided to carry on and try to make the most of the current economic car boom. At this time BMW bought the rights to manufacture the Italian Iso Isetta, these tiny cars were powered by a modified BMW motorcycle engine. This helped BMW make it through their financial difficulties.

In 1992 BMW purchased a large stake in a California based industrial design studio called DesignworksUSA. The acquisition was completed in 1995. During this era BMW also purchased the rover group which at the time consisted of the rover, land rover and MG brands. BMW kept these brands for six years before deciding to sell them on because rover was making huge losses.

After all of the difficulties of the past BMW was making a name for itself in the automotive industry. By 2006 BMW produced over 1,300,000 four wheel vehicles, which were being manufactured in five different countries. By 2010 production numbers have increased to over 1,400,000 four wheel drive vehicles and another 112,000 motorcycles worldwide.

With varying models to suit many different drivers expectations BMW has built a reputation in both the performance market with models such as their M3, the Luxury market with their 5-6-7 series and in the 4×4 market with the X5. There is something for everyone in the one common brand. Giving worldwide appeal and being noted for dependability BMW looks to be a strong brand for many years to come.

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