Suzuki announces return to MotoGP in 2015

Suzuki announces return to MotoGP in 2015

Suzuki Motor Corporation has confirmed that it is set to return to MotoGP in 2015.

The return follows a two year absence by Suzuki from what is considered the premier motorcycle racing world series.

Announcing a new team to oversee the advanced development of the project, Suzuki Motor Corporation will commence practical testing of its prototype machine this week, participating in the official joint tests at the Catalunya race circuit in Spain over the next couple of days where they will join rival manufacturers making changes to the performance of their bikes to ensure even greater success in the current season.

As well as the development of the new MotoGP machine, Suzuki Motor Corporation will utilise technology and developments from parts of the projects to incorporate in future production models also.

Details of the 2013 testing team and machine are as follows:
– Team manager: Davide Brivio
– Development rider: Randy De Puniet  (MotoGP machine to be developed)
– 1000cc In-line four GP racer

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