The revolutionary Reevu Rear Vision Helmet There can’t be many motorcyclists who at some time haven’t wished that they had eyes in the back of their head.

Now, thanks to Reevu’s engineers and production team, that has become a reality in part as they have now produced the world’s first Rear Vision System helmet.

Hot off the production line is the RV FSX1 model ready for the coming 2013 season, already tested and approved to DOT standard for export into theUSA and fully ECE 22.O5 accredited for European markets. This helmet, with integrated optical device, allows the motorcyclist a view of the road behind them through the helmet using a number of reflective surfaces that are coated onto a bullet proof material. The optical device, put simply, bends the light over the top of the wearer’s head. It is constructed and reacts as a crumple zone – another world first in delivering security, safety, and that all important rear view.

The revolutionary Reevu Rear Vision Helmet - RV-FSX1

The revolutionary Reevu Rear Vision Helmet – RV-FSX1

No ordinary helmet, a game changer in the industry, delivering benefits to the motorcyclist’s riding experience. These helmets of the future are saving lives today, as motorcyclists are testifying.  With the introduction of the RV FSX1 model leading to further growth in sales to Reevu’s already impressive geographic footprint, thus increasing the testament of motorsports enthusiasts to the game changing properties of this product. Reevu’s success to date includes the export to 20 of the world’s established markets with a further 10 under consideration as the RV MSX1 model now complies with an impressive number of internationally recognised standards ranging from DOT, ECE 22.05, SABS, SAI, INMETRO, to name only a few. The RV FSX1 model weighing in at a mere 1500g + – 50g will follow in its predecessor’s footprint over the coming year as our international importers make ready their markets for its introduction.

“During Soft market conditions, business success relies heavily on innovation, product developments that can excite the market. Reevu’s Motorbike helmet range are most certainly delivering on that front; it’s like having all of the Spades and just waiting to play your hand one card at a time.”  Graham Steele, Marketing Director Reevu.

To find out more about this revolutionary helmet check out the Reevu website at

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