XC200-1 As spring arrives and motorcyclists prepare to get their vehicles back on the road by checking components for safety, CTEK, a global battery protection brand, is reminding bike owners to carefully examine their batteries and undertake multiple-step maintenance charges.

Batteries must be correctly stored when not in use over the winter months; if they are not, it is likely they will become severely discharged, sulphated and stratified. If neglected in this way, the life of the battery will be reduced and the chance of an unexpected breakdown will be increased. Additionally, by not undertaking a proper battery charging routine, for example thinking a ‘trickle’ charger will ensure the battery is in peak condition, further harm could be done by under or overcharging.

If close attention isn’t taken, a battery can easily become irreparable and a replacement will be required.

By completing a number of steps to revive, restore and protect batteries, smart chargers provide necessary battery care during storage and in the face of different challenges presented by the summer months. Even when in regular use, a motorbike battery will not charge to 100 per cent capacity and other electronics, such as the alarm, will cause further strain. The ambient temperature and battery type also affects a charging cycle, but smart battery chargers adapt accordingly so that the optimal charge level is reached, and sustained.

Katariina Stahl, CTEK’s director of sales and marketing, advises: “Many motorbike owners will no doubt be starting to carefully check the components of their vehicles, ready to hit the road in the spring weather, and an examination and overhaul of the battery must be a part of that schedule. Whether the battery has been correctly stored for winter or not, it’s crucial to check a charge can be held and we would advise a multi-step charge is applied so that appropriate repair can be taken, for example to remove any sulphur on the battery’s plates.

“Motorcyclists are renowned for really caring for their bikes and it’s important for them to remember that batteries also need a little love in both winter and summer.”

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