With many riders already looking towards the next season in Motocross and Supercross racing, Kawasaki has stolen the initiative and unveiled its incoming adult off-road racers.

Featuring a host of changes as a result of countless podiums and many wins in the current season, the new machines can truly said to be factory derived and inspired by the feedback from off-road hero’s like Ryan Villopto, the Pourcel brothers, British star, Tommy Searle and many, many others

Sharing some new features while having a host of influential and unique updates, both bikes would be podium contenders even if left unchanged but, with these new mods, Team Green is hoping to push the off-road bar even higher and deliver success to a far greater range of riders across the experience and ability spectrum.

As Ross Burridge, Racing Coordinator for Kawasaki Motors UK says, the four stroke KX range is highly respected and each season’s bikes are eagerly anticipated.

“It’s such a delicate balance, the relationship between the demand for more power and aspects like a fluid and controllable over-rev with some of the basic must-have’s like strong pull from low revs plus start gate dominating urge. It’s no secret that the factory work directly with our top riders and, in many cases, machines ridden or tested in the current season feature the mods being lined up for the incoming bikes”.

So what’s new about the 2013 crossers, and does it mean a sea-change in KX thinking?

New for both bikes is the narrowing of the chassis by 4mm to make direction changes and control even easier. On paper it seems like a small amount but, according to riders, it has made a significant effect and marries well with other updates and innovations for the new season pushing KXF technology another step forwards.

Also, both machines feature plug and play trackside tuning thanks to a range of colour coded plugs to simply add to the loom and change the ECU power and fuel settings for such things as hard pack and soft sand etc. With the addition of the optional Fi Calibration kit, numerous maps can be created on a bespoke basis as well as a handy data logging function to build a picture of laps completed and settings tried, just like a factory team would.



Suspension too has been tweaked on both machines. Most radical is the addition of a Pneumatic front fork on the KX450F. An innovative feature,. It allows quick and simple adjustment using air proposed to make small changes and negating the need to dismantle forks to change internal mechanical components for a setting change.

In the case of the 2013 KX250F, the successful separate function front fork has been upgraded further still for more compliance and better performance over a wider range of settings suiting an even large cross-section of rider abilities. And in the performance stakes, the well-received twin injector fuelling system is retained which, along with further subtle mods to piston dimensions etc. have crated even more power for urge hungry riders.



Although now shirt of go, the KX450F also enjoys increased power for 2013 along with the carry-over of its highly praised push-button launch control system. And let’s face it, what could be better than taming a mega-performance machine like the mighty KX450F off the line to ensure the holeshot and rush to the first, and possible race-wining, corner.

As Ross Burridge concludes, the success already being enjoyed this season looks set to be repeated in 2013 thanks to these clever additions, along with the retention of current innovative technology.

“It’s always a considered aspect when launching new bikes. You have to see what it well received and effective on the current machinery and what also needs to be added to raise the bar another notch. With such a strong development team of riders and factory technicians all pulling on the same direction, the incoming bikes represent the very peak of current technology and look set to be heading the pack from clubman level all the way to the GP heights in the upcoming season both in Europe and in the States.”

For more details of the KX250FKX450F – and to find out about the other machines in the incoming 2013 Kawasaki off-road range – contact your nearest Team Green dealer now.

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