Highly desirable by riders and bike thieves alike . . . The Honda CBR1000RR

Highly desirable by riders and bike thieves alike . . . The Honda CBR1000RR

TRACKER, the stolen vehicle recovery expert (SVR) in partnership with Essex Police has recovered a record haul of 17 motorbikes even though only one of them was fitted with a TRACKER SVR device. The majority of the bikes recovered were high performance ‘Super Bikes’, with a recovery value estimated at tens of thousands of pounds.

A Honda CBR1000 RR-5 motorcycle, which was fitted with the TRACKER unit, was reported stolen from East London and its unit was activated. Its tracking signal was soon picked up by a patrolling Police Officer.  TRACKER stolen motorcycle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden in one of several places around the motorcycle and will detect when a bike is being moved even if the ignition is not turned on.

With the support of TRACKER’s unique Mesh Network another 44 vehicles in the area picked up the signal enabling the Police to accurately locate the stolen motorcycle at a farm in Upminster, Essex, alongside a vast array of other stolen vehicles. TRACKER’s Mesh Network creates an added defence against vehicle theft by using vehicles already fitted with TRACKER SVR units to act as listening devices and identify passing stolen vehicles that are fitted with TRACKER.  Asignal is automatically sent to TRACKER’s Head Quarters, providing the location of the stolen asset – even if it is hidden in the back of a van, a garage, container or underground car park.

A Police Officer for Essex Police, who was part of the operation, says “Vehicle theft continues to be a problem, with organised gangs stealing high value vehicles to ship abroad. Motorbikes are particularly vulnerable, as they are usually whipped away on the back of a van, then broken-down for parts. Criminals will use ‘jammers’ to block a GPS tracking signal, but as TRACKER uses VHF, on this occasion the criminals were outwitted, and we were able to recover their stash of other vehicles.”

TRACKER is the only vehicle tracking system operated by all 52 police forces in the UK, offering bike owners the ultimate in security.  Adrian Davenport, Police Liaison Manager for TRACKER said:  “This was a tremendous result both for TRACKER and Essex Police; it certainly highlights the fact that motorcycle theft is a big problem in the UK. Fitting a TRACKER to your bike greatly enhances the chances of seeing it again. And not only did we recover our customer’s bike, but 16 other bikers have been reunited with their motorbikes too.”

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*GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications
VHF – Very High Frequency
GPS – Global Positioning system

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