Motorcyclists must take care on the roads

Motorcyclists must take care on the roads


As motorists, we all have to do our bit to ensure that ourselves and others stay safe on the road. After all, it doesn’t take much for an accident to occur – just a momentary lapse of concentration or an ill-considered lane change could be enough to result in a serious collision. Needless to say, motorcyclists are offered somewhat less physical protection by their vehicle than their four-wheeled counterparts, and this is why it’s particularly important for bikers to take care when out and about on the roads of Britain. Of course, it’s impossible to legislate for the actions of other road users, but that’s not to say we don’t all have certain duties when it comes to road safety.


Part of the attraction of motorbiking is that it gives us the opportunity to really feel the sensations associated with driving. Car drivers are somewhat insulated from the elements, which is why motorcycles are a fundamentally different proposition. But while it must be tempting for some bikers to really bomb around the roads at speed, this can have serious consequences. The risks associated with motorcycling are greater than those associated with driving a car or other four-wheeled mode of transport, so it is incumbent on bikers to protect themselves and find ways of reducing the risk of being involved in an accident. 


Having your bike serviced on a regular basis can significantly reduce the chances of being involved in an accident. For one thing, regular check-ups can help uncover mechanical flaws and general wear and tear before it worsens and potentially becomes a major hazard. In addition, you should ensure that you wear clothing which offers you a degree of protection from personal injury – although you will still be at far greater risk in the event of an accident than car drivers, helmets and padded gear can make the difference between minor and serious injury.


As with any other mode of road transport, it’s absolutely essential to be as observant as possible at all times whilst driving on a motorbike. Some motorcyclists complain that other road users are aggressive towards them or simply don’t pay attention to their whereabouts – bikers can be relatively easy to miss if you don’t pay proper attention to your mirrors – and it’s important to be aware that other motorists may not be as observant as they should be. However, if you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may well be entitled to a personal injury claim. Speak to a specialist solicitor today to find out whether you have grounds for a successful claim.

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