Motorcycling In London Can’t Get Much Easier

Motorcycling In London Can’t Get Much Easier

Who says getting around on a motorcycle in London has to be a nightmare? Intellectsoft Ltd., a leading provider of mobile solutions and developer of smartphone applications, just released the Motorbikeapp for iPhone, which makes getting around and getting the most of the English capital more like a dream for London motorcyclists and motor-riders. Remarkable for its outstanding design and flawless performance, the application is not only available at the App Store but is now working on the iPhone 4 as well.


This app is absolutely essential for London riders, as it provides directions to parking bays and petrol stations in the often-congested city, allowing users more time to enjoy the metropolis and its activities and not waste time looking for parking places or running out of petrol.


The application is integrated with Google maps and directs users to the nearest parking lot or fuel station in their locality using the smartphone’s GPS feature. If users enter an address or a general area, the app will show available places to park or refill a chopper. The application distinguishes between the various types of parking bays  – free bays, pay-by-phone bays and permit bays. So, users are well-informed before arriving. What’s more, the app provides users with directions on how to get to these places, as well as comments from others regarding the likelihood of finding vacant places inside the chosen bay at a specific time of day. The application also provides the whereabouts of the 10 closest filling stations and user comments on service quality and peak hours.


There are not that many apps that target the needs of motor-riders in the App Store so Intellectsoft is all the more thrilled to deliver one that can boast supreme design, top quality and yet cost so little. The Motorbike application is extremely user-friendly and quite simple to get used to using. That the relevant information is provided in the nick of the time, right when a user needs it most, makes the application a must-have app on all motorcyclist’s iPhones.  As Intellectsoft CEO Aleksandr Skalabanov puts it, “We have created an app that enables London motor-riders to spend less time looking for a parking bay or a petrol station in the busy city, and more time actually enjoying city sites.”


Intellectsoft Ltd. has been in the mobile application development market from its inception, and provides cutting-edge solutions for all smartphone platforms, for the joy and satisfaction of its end-users. We treat our partners and clients’ needs and requirements with the utmost care, and meticulously carry out their demands and instructions, which in turn leads us to create top-quality apps with customised features.  Every successful product release adds to the company’s reputation of being a trustworthy mobile application developer and reliable partner. The Motorbike app is a great example of this.


To learn more about the Motorbike iPhone app, as well as other Intellectsoft Ltd., products and solutions, please, go to if you are in Europe, and if your business is in the USA or Canada.

A London-based company with offices in Belarus, Germany, and the USA, Intellectsoft Ltd. is a leading company in cutting-edge mobile solutions and unique mobile applications for a range of smartphone platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and WinPhone7. Intellectsoft, Ltd. develops customized solutions and applications for businesses throughout a variety of fields – healthcare, finance, entertainment, gaming, social networking, etc.

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