Motorbike VS Small Car

Motorbike VS Small Car

Motorbikes are almost as common on our roads as cars are, but are they more cost effective in the current economical climate? With road tax, congestion charging, fuel costs, car insurance and all the other outlays we face to simply operate a vehicle, can we afford it?

By buying a smaller car, you could cut your expenses; your car would be in a lower tax bracket and some even waive the congestion charge as they are too green. Polluting vehicles are vastly being frowned on by governments, so a greener vehicle could save you pennies to splash elsewhere.

If you live in a city however, you might want to consider purchasing a motor bike. If you live in the city then a bike is much more of a calmer commute; you are able to zip through the congestion with relative ease. And the costs of owning one are much less too, not only do you get far cheaper parking when you reach your destination but fuel, taxes and repair costs are much cheaper too. A small engine motorbike can cost up to £20 a month in petrol for daily life, which is much cheaper, but the insurance will not be greatly reduced as the dangers of riding a bike are just as bad as if you are in a small car.

A small car costs around forty pence a mile to run, whereas a motorbike will cost around fourteen pence. Weight up your options and decide which is best for you.

It depends entirely on what sort of vehicle you prefer. Some people think that a motorbike gives them more freedom; the ability to pretty much take off by themselves when they want to, and to park up anywhere. But cars are deemed to be safer; you are less likely to be killed in an accident if you are in a car, whereas an accident on a bike is often a fatality.

If you need to obtain Car Insurance, go online as it will cost you less. There are great deals on comparison sites too, so have a good look around.

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