Motorbike Security

Motorbike Security
Over the past few weeks we have been looking at ways to secure your possessions so today we thought we look at your motorbike. The main thing to think of when you look at security is that if you make it to complicated you wont do it and it will be a complete waste of time. So keep it simple, be vigilant and do everything you set out. By taking small steps you will find that you reduce your risk of theft dramatically.

When a theft takes place you have to think that its not only the loss of the asset that you have to deal with. Firstly you have a huge inconvenience of dealing with sorting the situation out. Its also a very stressful event to deal with. So the best thing to do is protect yourself so you dont have to go through the trauma.

So here are some basic details about Motorbike theft. Only a very small percentage of vehicles are recovered, of those that are they have suffered some sort of damage. The main reason that vehicles cannot be recovered is that they are normally broken up for parts. The majority of riders dont use external devices to lock or protect their vehicle. The majority of vehicles are stolen from the owners property. The average vehicle theft happens in less than 20 seconds.

So what can you do to protect yourself. We are massive fans of visible deterrent make everyone think that your vehicle is more secure than fort Knox.

As a motorbike is open unlike a car or van then you need to think of the external space that it lives in. Always leave your vehicle in a garage where possible, also alarm your garage so that even if someone tries to enter there is a deterrent. When you install an alarm make sure that you test it a number of times to make sure that it works effectively.

Secondly make sure that you have your vehicle data tagged. The theory behind the data tag system is making the vehicle very hard to sell on. As many thieves want to either break up or make a quick sale of an asset the data tag prevents this from happening. The statistics show that the use of the data tag system improves conviction rates.

Use a quality brake lock. These devices are not widely used but when they are installed as part of a security device system they are very effective. The system works to lock the brakes of the motorbike so that they are fixed in the brake position. This makes it very hard for a thief the drive or free wheel the vehicle away. Whilst they are not a device that protects the vehicle 100% even if the thief wishes to try and break off the device it will slow them down.

Have a kill switch installed to the vehicle. These work exactly the same as the immobiliser on a car or van and can be well hidden so that the thief cannot see them. Just like the brake lock using the immobiliser will slow down any thief if they decide to attack your vehicle.

Installing a bike alarm is great idea. Many people think that they are a bit of a waste of time however we are big fans. They add a shock factor to any theft, as with house burglaries many opportunistic thieves will not want to hang around with a loud alarm sounding.

Using an old school method like a chain and padlock is still a very effective method of deterrent. Locking the wheels with a thick chain is normally enough to put off the majority of thieves. Removing a thick chain without either the key or strong bolt cutters is not very easy.

The installation of CCTV is still an increasing method of security. As the cost of CCTV systems has reduced and the quality of pictures has increased they are becoming more common in many households. Have a look at the current prices and see if this is an option for you.

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