New Triumph Tiger Sport in white New Triumph Tiger Sport in red

All new model for 2013 sees a 10PS power gain, with the 1050cc triple now outputting 125PS

·         Single-sided swingarm and fully revised suspension

·         Fully revised rider and pillion ergonomics for increased comfort

·         New Triumph Dynamic Luggage System option with 10kg payload per pannier

·         Two new colours and sporting graphics

Triumph has given its Tiger 1050cc an upgrade so comprehensive for 2013, it not only has a new sporting edge, it gets a new name: the Tiger Sport.

The rear half of the new bike is completely remodelled, as is most of the front with almost every visible component renewed. Clever engineering, involving work on the exhaust and intake system, has created an additional 10PS of power from the distinctive 1050cc, three-cylinder engine.

The Tiger Sport is an adventure-style street bike combining a strong and seductive engine, taut handling and a riding position to suit different road types.  Triumph’s work on strengthening the chassis and upgrading the suspension for sharper cornering has also made the Tiger Sport more practical and comfortable.

The Tiger has always been a great all-rounder motorcycle and the new model is even more thrillingly punchy and agile on demanding back-roads, with the versatility to make it a serious tourer and ideal commuter. For many riders the Tiger Sport is the perfect, real-world sports bike. Capable of covering long distances solo or two-up in exceptional comfort, the Tiger Sport is equally adept at slicing through daily traffic with the safety of its high-visibility, upright riding position, responsive engine and updated ABS.

The changes over the outgoing Tiger 1050 have been extensive:

New bodywork – the tail unit, side panels and screen are new, giving the Tiger Sport a leaner, sportier and more modern look with a purposeful stance. There’s also a new belly pan as standard.

More power – the new exhaust and revisions to the intake system have helped Triumph’s engineers release an additional 10PS and 6Nm peak power and torque, while boosting the engine’s output across its rev range. The evocative three-cylinder growl has been enhanced at the same time, while the one-tooth larger rear sprocket has also improved acceleration, and gearbox revisions have resulted in smoother selection. The Tiger Sport now delivers an output of 125PS (123bhp, 92kW) and torque of 104Nm (77lb.ft, 10.6kgm).

Fuel consumption – careful reworking of the fuel injection calibration has resulted in an improvement of fuel economy in addition to the performance gains. The Tiger Sport rider will go approximately 7 per cent further on each tank of fuel, compared to its predecessor.

Single-sided swingarm – this is specially designed for the Tiger Sport to give it a sportier look and improve packaging at the rear end of the bike, allowing more space for the new exhaust and larger panniers.

New headlights – four reflector-type headlights replace the previous projector units, reducing weight, changing the look of the bike and substantially improving the lighting performance.

Enhanced ergonomics – the rider’s seat is 5mm lower (830mm) and narrower at the front, substantially improving reach to the ground and opening up access to the Tiger Sport to a wider range of riders. The seat is also longer to create more space for taller riders. The handlebars are lower and closer to the rider to suit its sportier nature by providing a more direct feel, while the new screen offers even better wind protection. The rear seat is also lower, sitting the passenger more fully behind the rider for better wind protection and making it easier to get on the bike. Improved grab handles are fitted as standard.

Greater luggage capacity – the new rear subframe not only lowers the passenger seat, it’s stronger and has allowed the fitment of larger optional panniers, capable of storing a full face helmet, with double the payload of the previous ones at 10kg each. Triumph’s pioneering Dynamic Luggage System (DLS) uses an inter-connecting cable between the cases to isolate turbulence-induced movement from the chassis.

New switchgear – the left hand switch cube now enables all dash functions to be operated with the left hand, without having to let go of the bar and reach forward to the instrument panel.

Revised geometry – a half degree steeper steering angle and slightly longer wheelbase improve precision, feedback and stability.

New suspension – the fully adjustable suspension has been completely redeveloped with new springing and revalved damping to give the Tiger Sport its sharper feel with the reserves to handle its additional load capacity.

New ABS, wheels and tyres – the Tiger Sport’s radial brakes are backed up by the latest system with a new modulator for better extreme braking performance and improved feel. Cast aluminium wheels are unique to the Tiger Sport and come fitted with the latest, class-leading Pirelli Angel GT tyres.

Stunning attention to detail – the Tiger Sport is brimming with thoughtful touches, such as beautifully sculpted footrests, coloured seat stitching, aesthetically pleasing aluminium pannier mounts and careful styling of the new fork yokes and engine side casings. Even the handlebar end caps are designed to look good, while beneath the seat is not only a U-lock storage space, but a dedicated glove compartment. To top everything off, the fit, finish and build quality have all improved for 2013.

New colours – the new Tiger Sport is available in Crystal White and Diablo Red.

A wide range of factory accessories is available for the Tiger Sport, designed to enhance both its style and function.  As well as the unique ‘DLS’ luggage system the range includes a top box, heated grips, hand guards, tank bag, engine protection bars, comfort seat and higher screen.

As with all other new Triumph motorcycles the Tiger Sport comes with an unlimited mileage, two year factory warranty.

Prices for the Tiger Sport will be announced in February with bikes being available in Triumph UK dealerships from March 2013.

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