Mediatek Cooperation With Moto Moto Cottage Of Low-end Models – Mediatek, Motorola – Network

Mediatek Cooperation With Moto Moto Cottage Of Low-end Models – Mediatek, Motorola – Network


Has some functional models into a collaboration with MediaTek subjects. “We are in the last year about the agreement signed in November, Motorola has six models currently using a MediaTek chip.” MediaTek one senior told reporters.

In fact, as early as in the original


Communications CEO Liu Fei occasion of joining Motorola, Motorola close contact MediaTek rumors have been uproar.

“This time, Motorola’s cooperation with MediaTek, in essence, to adapt to the Chinese market, fast-paced and make adjustments.” One insider familiar with the cooperative said. In fact, in a long time, model update slow development has been criticized for Motorola.

2009 the third quarter filing shows Motorola


A loss of 183 million U.S. dollars. More than that, period, shipments of 13.6 million handsets, compared with last year’s second quarter, 14.8 million, down more than 1 million mobile phone sales, representing the global mobile phone market share slip to 4.7%.

Once in the Chinese market accounted for the largest share of Motorola, its share had fallen outside the top three. “How to enhance Motorola’s new update rhythm, has become a hit in China ‘turnaround’ top priority.” A person familiar with the cooperative said Liu Fei, after joining Motorola, has begun to change the past, from R & D to design and manufacture, by themselves of responsibility for the closed mode.

“Motorola’s collaboration with MediaTek models are OEM by TCL.” The sources familiar with the co-operation in the new cooperative mode, Motorola only responsible for product design and back-end of the preceding test: “This will greatly enhance the speed of motor update new models.”

Another source, BYD is also expected to become Motorola’s ODM, but the claim has not been officially confirmed. MediaTek executives have said to reporters: “the beginning of cooperation with Motorola, the present volume is still very limited.” In fact, the reporter was informed that in the low-end machine market in addition to the cooperation with MediaTek, the Motorola also enabled Spreadtrum chips. “By using MediaTek and Spreadtrum’s chips, Motorola will gradually reduce the ratio to use Freescale chips, thereby reducing costs.” ISuppli Wang Yang, director of China studies that, in addition to product updates to enhance the rhythm, the large-scale operation if the United Nations Development Section chip, Motorola would be more in the low-end market price advantage.

It is reported that the main strategy of Motorola’s handset business into two parts, one high-end


Google Android mobile phone platform main; second is, the low-end feature phones by enabling MediaTek chips, take ODM model, in order to enhance the market share of low-end rhythm snatch.

“Motorola has a certain brand influence, but the decline in recent years as the market weakened, then re-take ‘


‘Kill work? Also to be seen. “Wang Yang expressed his doubts.

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