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Five things we learnt from Qatar
After struggling throughout testing and in the build up to this weekend's race Rossi may have been questioning why he still puts himself through the strains and stresses of racing in Moto GP but as all true greats do he gave the motor biking world …
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Manningtree: Motorbiking musician undertakes amorous adventure to serenade
For one musician from Manningtree, it has also fuelled a nine hour journey on a clapped out motorbike. Ben Brown undertook the amorous adventure to serenade his girlfriend Krista Lynch after she complained he had not visited her at home in Brighton.
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Iran: one woman's solo motorbike tour
They don't see many Westerners, and it's rare to see a woman on her own, and even rarer to see one on a motorbike. “I was run off the road a lot of the time; at first I thought people were trying to mow me down, or Islamists; and it turned out they …

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