KTM 1190 Adventure R

KTM 1190 Adventure R

Model year 2014 1190 Adventure and 1190 Adventure R models will feature a truly revolutionary rider assistance system: a motorcycle stability control system (MSC). This system makes a long held dream come true – an ABS that works perfectly while cornering.

Technology leader
Only a few years ago, KTM was considered a newcomer in the street bike segment. However, KTM reached – in typical KTM style – the technological forefront at full throttle and now takes the lead in innovation for model year 14, as Europe´s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

KTM & BOSCH Innovation
The new MSC is a milestone in the motorcycle industry and would not have been possible without outstanding partners.
Jointly developed with Bosch, the MSC supports riders of the 1190 Adventure with combined antilock braking system (C-ABS) and motorcycle traction control (MTC) in a multitude of ways – of course within the limits of physics, just as any assistance system:

•    MSC can prevent the wheels from slipping when braking while leaning over.
•    MSC minimises the righting motion of braking while leaning over.
•    MSC prevents rolling over in emergency stops.
•    MSC prevents rear wheel skids when accelerating while leaning over.
•    MSC prevents the front wheel rising while accelerating.

This offers the perfect platform for maximum riding fun, combined with the confidence brought by optimum safety – and complements the high-tech package that is the 1190 Adventure.

Ground breaking technology, shared knowledge from racing and cutting-edge electronic assistance systems ensure the 150hp, 230kg, 1190 Adventure defines new standards for travel enduros on tarmac as well as off-road. With its unbeatably low weight, its superior dynamics and its exemplary safety systems, the 1190 Adventure upholds all the traditional values of KTM. And with great touring capabilities, versatility and razor sharp precision, it fears no opponent on tarmac.

The powerful, economical and refined 75° V2 powerplant with electronic, ride-by-wire engine management system offers everything a top-class travel enduro needs: plenty of power even at low engine speeds, a solid mid-range punch for touring with a full load and maximum power and response when it really counts.

Safety net - MSC linked with braking system and traction control

Safety net – MSC linked with braking system and traction control

Retro fit available for all 1190 Adventure customers
Customers who have already purchased an 1190 Adventure or 1190 Adventure R in 2013 can have the revolutionary MSC retrofitted at any authorised KTM dealer for £335.63.

Production of the new 2014 1190 Adventure with MSC starts in December 2013. The UK price is £12,999 for the 1190 Adventure, £13,799 for the 1190 Adventure with factory fit electronics package and £13,799 for the 1190 Adventure R.

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