A Ninja ZX-6R track hire bike at Kawasaki's On the Road 2012 Tour

A Ninja ZX-6R track hire bike at Kawasaki's On the Road 2012 Tour

The first of four customer test ride events to be held by Kawasaki over the Summer, the gathering held at the Stowe circuit on 26 May was judged a resounding success.

With the free road riding sessions heavily subscribed and even more interest in riding on the newly opened Stowe circuit, the event itself was highly praised by visitors, many of whom were queuing at the doors at 07.00 am!

Offering the chance to ride machines from across the entire Kawasaki road bike range, the accompanied road rides took place all day on the country roads surrounding the Silverstone circuit and many that attended had the chance to ride several bikes during the day. With the last ride at gone four o’clock as packed as the first of the day, the decision to run the tour once more was vindicated.

According to one of the team of organisers from Kawasaki Motors UK, Aimee Osmond, the tour reaches out beyond traditional Kawasaki riders and provides a welcome chance to try a machine in the best possible setting.

“While the road rides were popular, we were overwhelmed with the response to the circuit riding opportunity. Our track day partner, Focused Events managed this element for us and had a fleet of Ninja ZX-6R machines available to hire for a small fee.

For Kawasaki Riders Club members there were two free sessions on track during the day, a boon for all current members that attended and for those that joined on the day.”

The tour now moves to Goodwood racecourse on the South Downs on June 10 with the offer of free road rides once more a draw for all motorcyclists irrespective of what machine they currently own, as Osmond concludes.

“Of course it’s great to see so many Kawasaki owners at the On the Road Tour events, equally we are delighted to welcome owners of other brands of machine who are perhaps sampling the Kawasaki experience for the very first time.”

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