Kawasaki day at Ace Cafe London

Kawasaki day at Ace Cafe London

Internationally famous biking hotspot, the Ace Cafe at Stonebridge in north west London plays host to the annual Kawasaki day on Sunday 22 April.

Traditionally a day when bikes from the whole history of Kawasaki make an early season appearance, Kawasaki day this year is being boosted by the call for riders of Z models both old and new to make their way to the Ace.

Launched in Europe in 1972 at the IFMA Motorcycle show in Germany, the 903cc Z1 was the first in a long line of machines that have astounded, amazed and delighted riders for forty years and counting.

From the iconic early 70’s Z1 series to the radical water-cooled Z1000 of 2003 and today’s current crop of Z750R and Z1000 streetfighter machines, there is a vast potential range of bikes that will be at the Ace Cafe on Sunday as Communications and PR Manager for Kawasaki Motors UK, Martin Lambert, explains.

“The Z1 owners club will be on hand on Sunday with a display of machines that includes immaculate restored examples from the early 70’s and the 80’s. Also, the venue will play host to machines like Eddie Lawson replicas, the awesome Z1300 and all manner of modern day examples both standard and highly personalised. We have a photographer on hand all day taking pictures and they will all feature in a special album on our official Facebook page at Kawasaki News UK ”.

It’s not just forty years of the Z series that will draw the crowds to the Ace Cafe on Sunday though as a huge cross section of riders descend on the venue according to Lambert.

“Remember 1972 also signified the launch of the Mach lV H2 750 so we expect to see some great examples of this and other three cylinder two-strokes at the Ace as well as the huge ZRX contingent that are always welcome, along with GPz, ZZR and GTR owners, the Ninja crowd and, of course Versys and ER owners plus our valued custom and cruiser bike owners who belong to the VRA and other owners groups, forums and clubs.

It’s always a surprise and delight to see a car park full of cherished bikes and happy faces riding bikes from classic AR50’s up to the very largest machines. With the added bonus of the Z forty year celebration, this year’s Kawasaki day at the Ace Cafe looks to be one of the best ever”. 

Location: The Ace Cafe in on the North Circular and easily accessible from either the M1 or M40/A40.
Address: Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London, NW10 7UD

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