Kawasaki Summer Tour 2012

Kawasaki Summer Tour 2012

Kawasaki has released details for its popular test ride “summer Tour” which visits four major venues in 2012. The tour is an excellent chance to see, talk about and, most importantly, ride a selection of Kawasaki road test models.

The historic Silverstone circuit, and its impressive Stowe Complex, play host to the very first event on May 26th which, in itself, is very special, as Aimee Osmond of Kawasaki Motors UK, explains:

“Our On the Road Tour event last year at Silverstone was a roaring success matching on track riding with the ability to sample machines on the stunning roads and lanes around the Northants circuit. This year that recipe is repeated and enhanced with free entry and free road demo rides for all those that have the correct riding gear, their licence and meet some simple requirements.

Being Silverstone, there is also the chance to ride on track and, for all those Kawasaki Riders Club members that come along, that means two free sessions on the Stowe circuit and, for non-members, the chance to sample the same amazing venue for just £30 a session”

Kawasaki Summer Tour 2012 With the Kawasaki Riders Club team present, the chance to sign up on the day is just one element that makes this a go-to event for both confirmed Kawasaki riders and those interested in seeing what all the biking fuss is about according to Osmond.

“It’s as simple as we could make it, the riders are first come, first served, the doors open at 07.30 and we’ve even got a clothing store on site as well as a photographer to capture the magic of the day. There’ll be prizes on offer during the day and, if it is anything like last year, the chance for each rider to sample several machines from the entire Kawasaki range including some that are not often available for demos”.

Moving South, the next venue for the On the Road Tour will be the fabulous and historic Goodwood Racecourse near Chichester on Sunday June 10. Like all those other than Silverstone this event focuses on road test rides only.

Again totally free of charge, this and remaining events on the tour, will be run between 08.00 and 16.00 and also feature the chance to win prizes on the day, attendance from the Kawasaki Riders Club and a huge selection of Kawasaki road test machinery to sample.

Kawasaki Summer Tour 2012

Two further dates are planned for the 2012 On the Road Tour, those being at Oulton Park on 7 July and, on July 21, Brands Hatch. Again they both exclusively feature road rides and will be run along the same lines, only requiring that riders bring their driving licence, wear appropriate clothing and meet some simple test ride criteria.

“All the venues for 2012 are well known racing landmarks and instantly recognisable to motorcycle fans”, concluded Osmond. “We hope to see hundreds of riders at the Silverstone kick-off event on 26 May and further high attendances at each event thereafter”.


Click here for the SILVERSTONE Indemnity Form

Click here for the GOODWOOD Indemnity Form

Click here for the OULTON PARK Indemnity Form

Click here for the BRANDS HATCH Indemnity Form

*Completing your Indemnity prior to the event does not confirm your demo ride. All rides will be allocated on a 1st come, 1st served basis – filling out your Indemnity prior to the event day means you can join the que to book straight away, rather than filling out the form on your arrival.

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