Kansas City Motorcyclists, Be Safe on the Road

Kansas City Motorcyclists, Be Safe on the Road

Increased gas prices and an ever increasing number of drivers hitting the roads have led to an incline in the amount of citizens who elect to drive motorcycles as their primary means of transportation. Estimates put the number of registered motorcycles in the United States at nearly 6,000,000, many of which are used on a daily or semi-daily basis. So before you head to your nearest Kansas City Motorcycle Dealer, please take a few moments to read over these basic tips and facts. Being prepared and armed with knowledge on the road could very well save your life one day. According to the United States Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a driver operating a motorcycle is 35 times more likely to suffer from a fatal crash than any passenger vehicle on the road. Even more startling is the massive numbers of people who suffer from concussions, brain damage, broken elbows, broken shoulders, pelvises, hips, knees, wrists, fingers, spines and necks the most common of which are injuries to the shoulder and pelvis. Additionally, motorcyclists run the risk of road rash and facial disfigurements from accidents. The details about risks involved with motorcycles may seem daunting but if you take the proper safety precautions, you can significantly reduce your risk of being involved in an accident.

Being cautious while you drive is, perhaps, one of the best ways you can protect yourself from fatality on the road. Attending the proper training courses, which are available in every state from private and public institutions will offer the most information and knowledge about driving skills. Additionally, taking part in certain programs can ensure that you waive the required riding portion of the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicle’s mandated riding portion of the test, most insurance companies offer reduced rates for drivers who’ve taken steps to educate themselves on safety and the courses are generally challenging and fun. The other half of the battle, so to speak, on the road is making sure that you’re always wearing your personal protective equipment. Although states typically only require that drivers wear a helmet while on the road, wearing additional gear keeps you safer on the road. Motorcycle jackets and pants are made with nylon, leather and Kevlar (some include carbon fiber) and protect the skin from road rash in the event of a crash or fall. Boots and gloves help to protect the hands, feet and ankles and a helmet will save your life in the event of an accident. Being focused, being prepared and using protective equipment on the road will help to ensure that you stay safe on your motorcycle in Kansas City.

This article was inspired by the motorcycle group and dealership Freedom Cycles, Inc in Kansas City

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