Isle of Wight Holiday Activities

Isle of Wight Holiday Activities

For many people a trip to the Isle of Wight is the highlight of the year. This is a great place to take all of the family including the kids for a change of scenery and to experience something different. But the Isle of Wight has something to offer those who do not have a family and are looking for a more bracing trip out to the isle. Hen and Stag parties particularly are looking for something a little different and make the most of their last few days of the single life before settling down into marriage.

Long gone are the days that a stag do was a few hours down the pub with a few of your best friends talking over a couple of pints and reminiscing. Today a stag do is much more likely to consist of a dozen people you know off to a foreign destination for a possible week of sun, sand and vast amounts of alcohol. Obviously this is not to everyone’s taste and some choose an option that is just a memorable yet much tamer in the terms of drinking. There are a lot of different things to undertake for stag and hen do and this article will look at a small selection of them.

One great stag do challenge is the Laser combat. Similar to that of paintball but with more hi-tech guns, you’ll still find that stealth is your greatest weapon. The object of the game is to shoot you enemy before they can get you thus disabling his gun and you going on the attack. Usually set up with two teams of six you’ll find yourself kitted up with a lazer gun, helmet and ready for action in no time. This is a great energetic game which is fast, fun and muddy.

Clay Pigeon shooting is a much more main stream activity and a popular option for the more mature gentlemen. The aim of this activity is to shoot as many of the clay pigeons as possible, each one being launched in to the air at a different angle means that you will have to keep your wits about you. This is a great activity for a group of you that want something to do that isn’t very exhausting. Don’t worry though no real pigeons ever get harmed.

That highlights two popular activities on the Isle of Wight and will provide you with an experience that you won’t soon forget. A stag do or a hen do that will be talked about for sometime.

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