interphone f5xt

interphone f5xt

remote control

remote control

Communication expert interphone is proud to present the new XT-Series. An evolution of the original F-Series, the XT has been developed using product knowledge gained from the F-Series, and uses the latest technology available in communication devices.

The XT-Series features the F5XTF4XT and F3XT intercoms. All use the F5 chassis, which allows better function use and improved aerodynamics. The XT-Series are all fully compatible with the REMOTECONTROLF, which allows safe control of the system through a remote mounted on the handlebars.

All are fully IP67 weatherproof compliant, and equipped with A2DP and AVRCT Bluetooth protocols to be able to listen to stereo music wirelessly in the helmet. They can all be linked to a GPS system so audio instructions can be heard through the earpiece. Each intercom is available on its own, or in a twin pack.



The INTERPHONEF5XT sits at the top-of-the-range and is the ideal intercom for bikers riding in a group, and can be paired with up to six users at one time. It is equipped with multimedia functionality including an FM radio with RDS, music functions, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as TTS (text to speech). The F5XT is priced at £219.99 for a single unit and £379.99 for the twin.


The INTERPHONEF4XT is a great multimedia entertainment system for bikers travelling alone or in pairs. It can be connected to MP3 players, mobile phones and has a range of up to 500m when travelling with another rider. The F4XT is priced at £169.99 for a single unit and £299.99 for the twin.


The INTERPHONE F3XT is the best system for a rider and their pillion allowing wireless communication. The F3XT allows Bluetooth answering calls on the move, and communication between rider and pillion. The F3XT is priced at £109.99 for a single unit and £199.99 for the twin.

The XT Series is now available in UK dealers, to find your nearest stockist visit Nevis Marketing or call 01425 478936.

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