Indian Motorcycle Bought

Indian Motorcycle Bought

Great news for the American manufacturing trade recently as it has come to light that one of its oldest brand names is to be revitalized. This is great news for the brand, its fans and the American economy as this shows that companies are starting to push forward after the market crash a few years ago.

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What is also great for the economy is that with the revitalization of a well known brand will bring new competition to a market. This is great for the consumer as the companies tussle for market position and market share.  So who’s been bought and who buy?

The company that has been purchased is the oldest manufacturer in the American motorcycle industry. Indian Motorcycle Limited has been purchased by engineering experts Polaris Industries. Polaris Industries currently has a portfolio of engineering business that produces ATVs, Small buggies. Victory branded Motorcycles and some clothing.

The acquisition is being seen as a great coup for Polaris who are looking to strengthen their position in the current market. This will also bring some new customers to the company who will love the romance of the older Indian brand name.

It is thought that Polaris have bought the company for the name and they will bolster the name by using their engineering and technical excellence. The goal will be to create a new top class portfolio of models that will get the American market looking at an alternative to the current favourite Harley Davidson.

It is thought that the deal has come about since the previous owner’s re-launch of the brand back in 2006 has not been as successful as they would have liked. Moving the brand to the ownership of Polaris will allow Indian to utilize the strong distribution network that they have. This can generate instant market penetration for the right model.

Polaris are looking to utilize their skills in engineering to leverage off the well established brand. Their victory models are well regarded but do not have the aged branding that the Indian product comes with. They will be hoping that if they do the job properly they can boost their market share and become a real contender.

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So over the coming months its well worth keeping your eye out for breaking news when we start to see the new models that are produced by Polaris. It will also be interesting to see how the current market leaders react to this news. Hopefully we will see a new major player to the market which will see manufacturers fighting for business which gives the consumer a huge power boost.

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