Honda Gets MotoGP World’s Attention With Mystery Technology

Honda Gets MotoGP World’s Attention With Mystery Technology

Motorcycle technology means more than it used to, and for those few who can use it to their advantage, they are tip-toeing on tulips compared to their racing competitors trailing far behind. Take for instance the recent revelations regarding the “radical gearbox” for Honda’s MotoGP team, which in all its recent glory claimed the Qatar MotoGP weekend pretty handily.

The smart technology coming out of recent reports by was that Honda had successfully introduced its mystery gearbox to the MotoGP racing pits. The mystery centers around an “Xtrac Instantaneous Gearchange System, which uses a system of ratchets to allow two gears to be engaged simultaneously while driving only one.” It’s like a two-for-one deal.

We understand the true connection between performance and technology. We try to engage motorcycle riders on a level they understand, helping them use technology advancements to their advantage. Honda’s MotoGP advantage has to do with their unique gear-shifting system. Honda’s advanced gearbox technology provides several benefits. The gear-changing can be increased with shortened time span, and stability is gained in the all-important corners and turns. This is essential for passing and gaining ground in races.

Honda’s MotoGP motorcycle rider Andrea Dovizioso explained the biggest benefit of the gearbox: “It keeps the bike much more stable when shifting gears while leaned over, making it easier to get drive out of corners.”

In other words, Honda riders – like world-champion Casey Stoner – can accelerate through corners and turns quicker than their competitors. Wait. We have good idea that this might lead to more weekends like Qatar. Honda will be speeding up while everyone else downshifts. With Honda (watching in their rearview) introducing a distinct technical advantage, speculation has grown. The major manufacturers are aware of the technology, but haven’t been able to get race-ready since the 2011 MotoGP season started.

Finding a better gearbox is one way to get ahead in life. Just goes to show how much any technological innovation can really improve machine performance. In the case of the Honda team’s significant gains on the track, the improved gearbox reduces human error by allowing the machine to effectively change gears without human action. By improving the gearbox’s functionality, the rider can relax through turns and curves, allowing the bike to accelerate seamlessly and without hesitation. Riders ride well when their bikes ride better.

Get better motorcycle technology to ride well. And be good to yourself.

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