The 2009 Honda RC30 ridden by Carl Fogarty

The 2009 Honda RC30 ridden by Carl Fogarty

Honda Motor Co. CEO, Takanobu Ito, today outlined the product, technology and business developments and direction that are planned to drive Honda’s growth by fiscal year 2017; with a range of new developments and technological advancements in automotive, energy and mobility products and an increase in global customers by 60 per cent from 23.9 million to 39 million.

The announcements made by CEO Ito will see the introduction of exciting new products and technologies to the European market which include a new super sports motorcycle based on MotoGP machines

Super sports motorcycle
Honda is developing a new super sports motorcycle which will feature technologies derived from Honda’s MotoGP machines. This bike will seek to deliver the same passion and excitement that the RC30 (VFR750R) super sports bike created when first introduced in 1987.

Honda has been seeking to re-inject some spark into its product range and a bike based on the current RC213V will certainly be a popular addition.

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