Bennetts safety infographic

Bennetts safety infographic

Leading motorcycle insurer Bennetts, is crusading for motorbike-related questions to be introduced in the driving test

With over 1.3 million motorcycles on Britain’s roads1, Bennetts, the UK’s No.1 Bike Insurance Specialist has launched a campaign to ensure bike-related questions are included in the driving test to help raise awareness of bikers on the road. Prospective drivers can currently pass the test without answering a single question relating to motorbikes and bikers. Shockingly despite accounting for just 1% of road traffic bikers fall victim to 20% of all fatalities on the roads.2

Over 48,000 have already pledged their support to the petition which is open until 23rd June 2012 via the official government link: or

Bennetts have developed an infographic that forms part of their support for the current e-petition campaign.  The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety infographic visually charts important motorcycle safety developments from 1950 to 2010 and how this has affected the safety of UK bikers.  During this time our roads have continued to get busier and the number of motorcyclists has increased.

From 1950 to 2010 there have been over 54,500[1] motorcyclist deaths so you would naturally assume biker mortality rates to rise accordingly across the same time period.  However, as the infographic illustrates, advances in motorcycle safety and legislation has bucked this trend, reducing biker fatalities.

This does not mean that bikers or the public can rest at ease.  There were still 6,746 deaths between 1999 and 2010[2], 6,746 too many. The on-going biker safety awareness initiatives, such as the BikerPetition campaign and The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety infographic will ensure momentum is maintained and that we are constantly challenging safety measures to make bikers and road users safer in this area.

Hannah Squirrell, Director of Marketing at Bennetts said, “With questions currently selected at random, there is no guarantee that any relating to motorcyclists will arise in the current driving test format, so the petition is set to challenge that. With the casualty rate of motorcyclists currently a staggering 61 times greater than that of motorists3 something must be done to increase awareness of bikers on our roads.

1Number of taxed motorbikes in Great Britain as of September 2011 – According to Department for Transport (DFT)

2DFT 2011

3DFT Annual Report 2007-2011

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