Harley Davidson road trip Route 66 on a Harley® is the most iconic tour that most motorcyclists want to complete, but for others its Canada, South Africa, the plethora of scenic European countries or just Scotland, Wales and the Lake District. Whatever the ambition though, how many of us cut our plans short before we’ve even departed because the preparation becomes seemingly more epic than the trip itself?

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be; the preparation can be as quick and simple as you desire if you work smart and tap into the local expertise that’s on offer at your nearest Harley-Davidson® dealership. From getting your bike ready, to finding the right riding gear and luggage to carry it in, the team at your local dealership can help with it all.

With hundreds and thousands of combinations of touring kit to choose for your two-wheeled adventure it may be daunting to know where to start – do you really need an extending luggage rack or can you just make do with panniers, or even a rucksack?

Whether you’re looking for a sat-nav system or a rain suit to protect you from the elements, your local Harley-Davidson dealership has it all. A tour doesn’t have to be a costly trip, the items you purchase will last you for many biking adventures and they will make any trip more enjoyable.

Take our FXRG or Illumination rain suit for example, you’ll never be soaked through by the great British weather anymore. The Illumination rain suit also features 3M Scotchlite reflective piping throughout, ensuring you’ll be seen from all angles if you’re riding at night. We even have Soft Lowers that simply fit to the side of the machine, offering protection from wind and mud and minimising the cold updraft that you can get while riding.

If a luggage rack isn’t what you’re looking for why not try our space-saving shrink sacks – the perfect option for those who like to keep things organised and make the most of the luggage space available. Simply put your items inside one of the three sizes of bag available, zip up the bag and squeeze out all the air. The same number of items take up less room – perfect, especially if you’re sharing the journey with a partner!

Looking for even more room? The brand new adjustable two-up luggage rack offers riders 50% more usable space at the simple touch of a button. This innovative rack features telescopic side extensions that allow the rider to customise its width in seconds. If you’re not keen on the look of a touring motorcycle, you can detach the rack just as easily as you fit and extend it.

What about if you want to explore but have no idea where you want to go? The Road Tech Zumo 660 GPS Navigator from Harley-Davidson is an easy solution to your problem. With all the functions of a regular sat-nav and more, you can easily find your way around on two wheels – or four – as you can use it in your car too. Users are able to download maps for anywhere in the world and you don’t even need to worry about taking your gloves off when you’re on the bike as the touch-screen is glove-friendly. It also boasts a built-in Harley-Davidson® dealer database so you’ll be able to track down your nearest dealer wherever you are, just in case you need some extra help.

Car drivers get to enjoy their favourite tunes so why shouldn’t you? Simply fit one of our BOOM! Audio systems to your motorcycle, plug in your MP3 player and share the joy of motorcycling and music! The system features details such as hidden antennas, amplifiers, speaker pods for your panniers and fairing speakers to give you the best sound depending on the bike you ride. Not technically minded? It doesn’t matter; the easy to use interface makes it easy to plug and play. Head to your local dealership to find out the best BOOM! Audio solution for you.

There are thousands of options to keep you dry and entertained on your tour, so whether you’re heading to another continent, venturing to Rome for Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary celebrations or planning a trip of your own in the UK, be sure to speak with your nearest authorised Harley-Davidson dealership. The friendly in-the-know staff will help you navigate your way through the choices and help make the best decision so you’ll be ready to depart before you know it. So, with no more excuses to put off that long-awaited trip…what are you waiting for?!

For more information or to get one-to-one advice on the parts, accessories and MotorClothes® for your adventure, make sure you visit your local Harley-Davidson dealer. To find your nearest dealership visit the dealer locator at www.harley-davidson.com


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