Furygan D30 T5 Pro

French manufacturer Furygan is introducing a new generation of D3O limb protectors into its products, which meet the new CE standard introduced this week. The T5 EVO Pro protectors pass level 2 of the new CE standard across ambient, wet and cold (-10ºC) conditions and pass level 1 when tested in hot conditions at 40ºC.

Furygan Brutale Evo Jacket

Furygan Brutale Evo Jacket

The soft and flexible protectors are for hips, knees, shoulders and elbows and will be fitted as standard in all Furygan’s leather and textile jackets and pants (excluding the Genesis Range). They are lightweight and breathable, offering greater protection without compromising on comfort. Existing Furygan textile products that are equipped with D3O’s T5 Pro level 1 protectors can be fitted with the new T5 EVO Pro version.

D3O is the first company to market a solution that exceeds the highest level of performance in all tests for the new standard EN1621-1. It uses a unique patented technology, which produces a superior shock absorbing material. In standard conditions, the material’s molecules flow freely allowing the material to remain soft and flexible, but on impact, they lock together to absorb impact energy and reduce the force transmitted. The molecules instantly return to their flexible state.

By introducing the new D3O range into its products, Furygan is reinforcing its already superior offering in terms of protective clothing. The company’s in-house Motion Lab testing facility already ensures that every garment produced is constructed from leather or textile material that not only meets, but in some cases exceeds current European regulations for motorcyclist protection. Together, Furygan and D3O aim to deliver the highest level of protective performance in the motorcycle apparel market.

For more information on Furygan’s range of leather and textile protective clothing visit www.nevis.uk.com. For more information on D3O visit www.D3O.com

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