Essential Tips For Beginning Women Motorcyclists

Essential Tips For Beginning Women Motorcyclists
Are you tired of watching your man hit the road and enjoy his Harley on the weekends, leaving you behind to get all the chores done? Now’s the time to feel the breeze and revel in the freedom of hitting the open road too: women all across America are riding their own motorcycles in record numbers. So what are you waiting for? If you plan on getting your own bike soon or if you’ve already got your new ride parked in the garage, here are some essential tips for beginning women motorcyclists.

–Shopping: If you haven’t gotten your new bike yet, be sure to get the make and style that’s just right for you. A little preliminary research and hands-on testing will help you figure out what works and doesn’t work. Motorcycle riding has been a male-dominated pastime for years, but thankfully all major manufacturers are now building models that are better-suited to a woman’s smaller physical size and strength limitations. Pay close attention to each bike’s handling characteristics: for most women, a bike with a lower center of gravity will help you stay in control. Harley makes a trike bike that many women enjoy due to its easy maneuverability, visibility and steadiness.

–Gear: Ever see a guy out on the road in shorts and flip-flops? If you do, you can be sure that eventually he may become part of the “Future Organ Donors of America” club. You are much more vulnerable on a bike than you are on a car: that’s a fact! Although you never want to think about being in accidents, they do happen and you must be prepared. A leather jacket, helmet, gloves and low-heeled heavy-duty boots are essential to smart cruising for everyone, including women. Wearing gear specially designed for riding will help give you the protection you need on the road as well as greater peace of mind.

–Practice Makes Perfect: Riding a bike requires even more intense concentration than riding a car, and more is expected from the rider in terms of hands-on control. Before going out on the highway, spend plenty of time roaring around your neighborhood and getting well-acquainted with your bike. The first time you open up on a freeway may be a little disconcerting, so do all your learning close to home before planning that massive road trip.

–Join a Motorcycle Club For Women: Riding clubs just for women are all over the place now. If your man isn’t a rider himself or if you just enjoy the companionship of gals with similar interests, a club is a great way to share the riding experience and freedom of the open road with others. Seek them out and start having some serious fun!

Look around you and you’ll see: women riders are everywhere. So go ahead: what are you waiting for?

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