Essential Riding Gear for Every Motorcyclist

Essential Riding Gear for Every Motorcyclist

A true motorcyclist always boasts of fun, thrills and adventure. He loves his bike only a tad bit more than his wife or girl friend and admits to it unashamedly. There are plenty of motorcyclists around – the wannabes and the true blooded riders. What differentiates the two is that one may love his bike and wash it every day. But, he never bothers or considers dressing safe while taking his bike for a spin around town. The other motorcyclist may love his bike to death but loves his life a little more than death itself – That, my dear friends is the hallmark of a true motorcyclist – one who values his life and the ethics that comes into play to qualify to be a good rider a lot more than simply riding.

If you watch a true blooded rider, you are bound to come across the following:


Starting right at the top, your helmet is practically the most important riding gear you can think of. A good helmet is essentially what protects you the most in an accident. Always ensure that you purchase a good, branded, government approved helmet. A cheap helmet may become a liability and turn the tables when it comes to protection.

Leather Jacket:

I say leather jacket, not because it is cool or trendy to be seen in one but because it is extremely practical in nature. Leather, as a fabric is tough and durable. It can be worn for several years at a stretch. The sheer strength of the fabric ensures maximum protection in the event of an accident.

There are a variety of styles, colors and types of jackets available. Pick one which you think suits your personality. More importantly though is to pick a jacket that you are comfortable in. and which you would love to ride in. If the jacket is too tight or too loose, then you face the risk of distraction, which ultimately leads to unsafe riding. Some leather jackets come equipped with double lining and body armor. This is essential for those into professional racing. The body armor acts as a fabulous shield for your chest, back and arms. Leather vests, worn inside leather jackets are the optimum choice, when it comes to combating against Mother Nature’s coldness.

Leather chaps and gloves:

Just because you have a helmet and jacket on, does not mean that you are well protected. In the event of a tumble, your knees are the most likely to get scraped. Knee pads would have been a great choice if you were roller blading. For riders, I suggest leather chaps. They provide excellent protection against the elements as well.

Your hands are the most exposed part of your body while riding. A great pair of leather gloves works wonders, especially in the winters. It protects your hands from extreme weather conditions as well as dust. It also adds to the grip of the bike


Slippers and sandals are a big no no. Always opt for closed shoes, which are comfy in. they offer great protection against the stones that fly up while riding.

William Turner, a 34 year old fashion designer based in USA. I enjoy creating and opining about leather garments – motorcycle leather jackets, leather dresses, leather jackets for men being my forte.

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