hypermotard Reports from several sources indicate that motorcycle manufacturer Ducati is up for sale.

In Italian financial paper Il Sole24ore, the article states that current owners of Ducati (Italian private equity group Investindustrial, owned by the Bonomi family) intend to sell it for a price which is rumored to be close to 1 billion Euro.  If this figure is to be believed then it would be three times what they themselves paid for it.

The respected and trusted Italian newspaper is usually a reliable source of information and this story has also begun to filter to several other media partners across the globe.

A quote from the Bonomi family printed in the Financial Times also indicates truth behind this story.

“Ducati is the perfect company, but in order to grow further it needs a world class industrial partner.  This year we will work towards finding that partner,” Investindustrail president Andrea Bonomi told the Financial Times.

Following 2011 sales of 42,000 units, the most likely buyer would be a competitor or large automobile company, with the names Mahindra (currently competing in Moto3) , BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes.

Of these partners it is believed that Mercedes could be the preferred suitor when the two companies linked up with MotoGP sponsorship but these rumors have been denied.

The FT also believes either a rival motorcycle company or car company are the most likely buyers and this would be an ideal point for Audi to enter the motorcycling arena with a VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) purchase of Ducati tipped as a favourite. With a proven track record within the prestige motor market, distinctive design and aesthetics combined with their motorsport pedigree we truly believe that Audi is a viable suitor to the marque.

Ducati remains silent right now but with so many trusted media sources running with the story we believe a statement from Investindustrial is imminent.

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