Piaggio Vespa LX125cc £3,149. 155MPG

Piaggio Vespa LX125cc £3,149. 155MPG

Jump on a scooter and cut your travel time, save a packet on transport, get some shopping done on the way, and move freely…join the cool Vespa commuter pack.

We often hear about the benefits of getting on two wheels but have you ever sat down and worked out what it could mean for you? Our friends at BMG Vespa have kindly done all the number crunching for us and provided information based on a typical London commute.

Typical route: Fulham Broadway to Piccadilly:

By bus: swipe the Oyster card, but hours in traffic watching Vespa’s scoot past the bus. JOURNEY TIME of 30-60 mins = £2.30 (£1.35 with an oyster card)

By underground: quicker than the no.14 bus, yes…but where’s the fresh air? during peak hours, your Vespa friends will be at home hours before you, freshening up and sorting out their dinner plans!
JOURNEY TIME of 20 mins = £4.30 (£2.30 with an Oyster card)

By taxi: top marks for comfort, 10/10 for sure, but what’s the price from W1 to W11, or E2 ?? it can’t become a regular mode of transport in rush hour.
JOURNEY of 30-50 mins = £15 – £25+

By car: anyone’s favourite, but parking per hour £4.40 in W1, so a day’s parking would set you back almost £40. Not cheap, and then there’s the congestion of £10 per day.
JOURNEY TIME of 30-60 mins = £1.17 Plus C.Charge and Parking fees

By Vespa: the only waiting time is filling up fuel from £5 to £11, and depending on the tank, it lasts you about 2 weeks travel @ 155 miles per gallon…cheap at the price! Parking in W1 is £1.10 per day, and free in all other boroughs. The Congestion Charge does not apply, and you cruise past the red busses and traffic inching into town.
JOURNEY TIME of 25 mins = £0.35…. and £1.20 to park all day

For more information on Piaggio and Vespa:
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