232169_1900 There was a time when being a motor biker meant the freedom of the open road and a cheaper way to get on it. aquote bike are concerned that biking is becoming a hobby for the more fortunate due to a combination of rising fuel prices and a double-dip recession. aquote bike want to bring back Britain’s passion for biking and improve the nation’s preconceptions of motorcycle riders.

Why is there concern?

The recession has meant lots of people have been forced to make cut backs especially families who are running cars as well. Government legislation seems not to be helping, as the recent budget changes are not helping to encourage people to get on their bikes. Although the Fuel duty increase of 3p has been postponed, it will inevitability come in which will see extra costs families cannot afford. Furthermore, changes to VED (Vehicle Excise Duty/Road Tax) have been small, making all vehicles before 1974 exempt as opposed to the previous date of 1973.

The weather in recent years has also had a disastrous affect on the bike industry with record rainfalls and cold winters which has affected the number of bikers on the roads. This has meant less people are opting to insure their bikes preferring to take them off the road, and fewer are buying new bikes or attending bike shows and events.

Many younger riders over the years have found motorcycling a quicker and cheaper route to gaining their licence and some independence. However the start up cost for younger riders is expensive and the cost of insurance can seem to be as high for new bikers as new drivers. There are also lots of one off costs such as getting the correct safety gear (e.g helmet and leathers etc.) as well as paying for lessons, licence and CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).

There are signs that there is growing acceptance and less prejudice against bikers. A great sign of this was when earlier this year the Oxford Dictionary agreed to amend their description of Biker from ‘A motorcyclist, especially one who is a member of a gang: a long-haired biker in dirty denims.’ to ‘Biker: A motorcyclist, especially one who is a member of a gang or group’.There are so many different types of rider out there, so it is hard to find one definition to cover them all.

aquote bike was established on 1988 and is based in Portsmouth, Hampshire. The aquote bike team are passionate about bikes and insurance and are committed to finding the right cover and the right price.

aquote bike compare prices from a panel of leading UK motorbike insurers, to provide our cheapest motorbike insurance quote. They understand that no two riders are the same, some use their bikes for commuting, others for sport and some are long distance riders.

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