BMW Testing Campaign

BMW Testing Campaign

Testing when you are behind the wheel seems to be in the news on a regular basis, with studies proving how dangerous it is and governments campaigning to get it made illegal. But BMW recently launched an advertising campaign to demonstrate how important it is to not text and drive. It starts off in quite a funny way with overprotective parents putting sun cream on their children, putting water wings on them when they are in the bath and wrapping them up in the snow, and then shows a mum strapping her child into the car seat, and texting when driving, before getting involved in a car crash. It then pops up “make safety your priority. Don’t text and drive”.

The ads in magazines and papers are just as hard hitting. One shows a driver texting at the wheel and a shape of a child is on the screen made out of text, blending in with the phone.

“Parents are so doting of their young children in terms of the care and attention and what we do to protect our kids,” said Trudy Hardy, the manager of BMW North America’s marketing communications and consumer events. “But all of that can be undone in just one second.”

The campaign was designed to combat the death rate of drivers who are involved in accidents when texting, as five and a half thousand people were killed this way in America last year. BMW have had a bad reputation due to the iDrive system which means that drivers have to scroll through a system. This campaign is designed to ensure that drivers are being as safe as they can behind the wheel. The idrive has been developed and is now far easier to use, with information being transmitted through the headset rather than the driver being distracted from the wheel. It is in light of the fact that studies say that texting behind the wheel is just not something that can be done safely.

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