BMW Replica Wheels vs BMW Factory Wheels

BMW Replica Wheels vs BMW Factory Wheels

When you’re out to buy BMW wheels, you have the option of buying either the factory wheels or the cheaper replica wheels. Now buying the factory wheels would make you look downright classy and cooler, but not without doing damage to your wallet. Buying the replica wheels, on the other hand, would leave enough savings to buy groceries for the month; however, don’t be too complacent yet, because you might have to use that savings to buy another set of replica wheels when the first one gives out. You see, replica BMW wheels are definitely not as strong and durable as factory wheels. The wheels are easily damaged because of gravity casting and can get bent or cracked quickly. Factory wheels are stronger and don’t get bent that easily.

BMW replica wheel manufacturers change quite a number of settings in order to fit the manufacturing budget. So, although these wheels are available at a lower price, the quality of your wheels is also lowered. BMW factory wheels are resistant to road chemicals and potholes. Replica wheels are susceptible to these damages. With factory wheels, you really get your money’s worth. They are tough and long-wearing against road hazards as well as car wash acids and chemicals.

If you’re worried about looks, beware. Replica wheels look different from factory wheels. But to the amateur driving eye, the difference is not that noticeable. Most replica wheels copy the design of BMW factory wheels. However, since replica wheels manufacturers don¬ít want to get sued for being copycats, they still keep some aspect of their wheel designs different from the OEM wheels.

Factory wheels will fit your car better than replicas. Talk about car and wheel soulmates! Of course, no wheel will fit your BMW like a wheel that came from the original manufacturer. Moreover, replica wheels cause vibrations on the vehicle and affect the brake and suspension. Imagine what you’re signing up for: Just to save a few bucks, you’re in for mini earthquakes every time you go out for a drive. This is because there are no fitting tests done before the replica wheels are made, very much unlike the factory wheels. With replica wheels, drivers sacrifice safety and quality in exchange for a little savings. Although a lot of drivers swear by their replicas, they know that these wheels pose a number of disadvantages and most of which are not even worth the offset cost.

So the next time you go wheel shopping, think twice before grabbing the shiniest replica wheel you find. Remember that when it comes to BMW, the factory wheels are still your best bet.

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