BMW New Features

BMW New Features
BMW New Features
The BMW exterior accessories give a more stylish and sporting look. The aerodynamics package the accompany the BMW comprises of front and rear aprons and side skirts that gives the BMW its signature sporty stylish and also improves down force and handling at speed. The BMW exterior accessory provides a standard that is beyond the reach of other cars.
The BMW Interior gives a personal touch to the cabin. The BMW stretches from being just sporty and stylish from its exterior to being just elegant and exclusively modern as per the interior, the inside is specifically design to suit every consumer taste and preference. The interior is well decorated with chrome, aluminum, fine wood and titanium .it also has luxurious leather and cloth upholstery to complete the picture of elegance! The seats are sporty providing great comfort, they are well ventilated. The entertainment system inside adds to the already existing pleasure provided by the seats the BMW allows you to use your communication systems with great ease; you can equip your BMW with the very latest in mobile communications.
The BMW car phones and Blue tooth hands-free kit allows you to keep abreast with anything and everything in the outside. BMW provides you with a DVD navigation systems that has a dynamic route planning and keeps the driver on course throughout the journey..there is also an iPod interface and a Portable DVD system keeps the occupants all the way long.
BMW seats gives you the most needed relax ion and comfort even for long journeys .BMW allows the buyer great accessories for convenient transportation of luggage .the rear roof bars are well designed to transport all sorts of goods without much difficulty. a wide range of luggage can be comfortably transported including skateboards, bikes snowboards, or surfboards .the BMW wheels are one of a kind ,they are lightweight cast aluminum wheels that reduce UN sprung masses, and help the suspension to smother surface imperfections this promote effective handling and braking.
The BMW Performance in aerodynamics depicts the sporting nature that the car is known for, it is capable of racing just like any racing car!. The diffuser, spoiler and Front splitter proves the athletic and aesthetic mentality of the car. The BMW sport steering wheel is just a good illustration of at the steering wheel of race car, it a wide range of racing-related functions that makes the car appropriate for those who are lovers of racing!

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