BMW Display Change

BMW Display Change

Scientists and car designers have been making cars more modern for a long time and we have seen the shapes of the vehicles changing, not to mention the technology used to power them adapting and being enhanced to produce the vehicles that we see today in the UK.

But it seems that BMW have taken it a step further and are the first car manufacturer to be doing away with the style of dashboard that we have become used to. The analogue dashboard dials will be removed from the new models and replaced with configurable LCD screens. The car giant have been using this process in their top of the range models for around five years, and rivals Range Rover and Jaguar also use this as a way of showing the driver vital information, but it is unheard of within cheaper models and other brands.

As newer models are produced, like the 5 series and the 7 series saloons, BMW will be introducing a flat LCD screen to show speed, the clock and the revs, and it is thought that the screen will be easily customisable for the buyer, very much like a computer, so that they can see the information exactly how they wish to. It also means that light for petrol levels and warning lights may be easier to see and prevent expensive repairs if something goes wrong. You will also be able to set the device so that you can get the best out fo your vehicle, so setting it for maximum fuel efficiency or high performance will be potentially possible,

BMW have been previewing this new technology at motor shows this year, but it is expected that it won’t be seen on the market until 2013.

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