The newly launched KTM Places

The newly launched KTM Places

KTM UK has created an internet-based riding route resource called www.ktmplaces.co.uk launching with a competition to win a new 390 Duke, to help answer the question of ‘Where Will I Ride Today?’

Accessible from all online devices, KTM Places is designed to help riders plan trips online, create new travel experiences in total comfort and be a conversation starter to what are great riding routes. Each new route will take bikers on ‘digital rides’ in readiness for getting out on the road for real.

In the first three weeks, KTM Places is being populated with 30 routes in the UK and Ireland that users can access through a purpose-designed integration with Google’s Street View. The first 10 suggested routes include rides running from sea level to the highest tarmac pass in the UK (Bealach Na Ba, Scotland) and another route that requires looking at tide tables before going there for real (Edge of Connemara, Ireland).

These routes deliver surprises, intrigue and incredible imagery from Street View that should make people want to jump on a bike and just go there.

One lucky winner could walk away with a KTM 390 Duke

One lucky winner could walk away with a KTM 390 Duke

ktm-places KTM Places Challenge: Win a 390 Duke

Currently exclusive to the UK and Ireland, users can qualify to take part in a launch competition called the ‘KTM Challenge’. Running online over three weeks until July 19th, 2013, the contest will end with a Live Final and the lucky winner receiving a brand new KTM 390 Duke. Participants don’t even need to be bikers, but do need to be a UK or Ireland resident over 18.

Ten routes will be posted in each of the first three weeks for users to complete as quickly as they can. A countdown clock on the KTM Places homepage reveals when the next ten routes will be available to ride and another clock counts the user’s time on each of their ‘rides’.

Users get a personalised Dashboard to monitor progress of travel in KTM Places, such as percentage of routes completed with their best times. The system also allows those registered to instantly tell their friends via Facebook and Twitter about a particular favourite route or to try to better their online time.

A combination of fastest times, completing routes and bonus finds will all add up to the selection of three people as Live Finalists.

A video introduction can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4Lxp2OtWFw

KTM UK Managing Director, Shaun Sisterson, said: “More riders are relying on digital technology to enhance their riding experiences and KTM Places is a completely new innovation for the motorcycling and automotive industries.

“It takes information gathering, creation and sharing to a completely new level to allow riders to digitally experience new routes before they even leave home and personalise how they log and keep coming back to their favourite KTM Places.

“Our ambition is for this interactive resource to be a starting point for the kind of conversation that may become the catalysts for bigger journeys and new rider adventures on the road.”


How to Use KTM Places

  • Register at www.ktmplaces.co.uk
  • Choose a route to ride from the map or scrolling list
  • Read the Summary and Directions before you click Start (very useful to refer to these while travelling along)
  • Press Start and the clock starts ticking (for the competition to win the 390 Duke)
  • KTM Places sets you automatically in its Google Street View interface and you see the 3D spinning Green Start Pin ahead of you
  • Navigate with forward arrow (or with curser for faster acceleration) and enjoy the scenery – especially those surprising ‘wow’ moments
  • Look out for bonus Orange Pins spinning en-route (leads you to Gold Pins at extra Places of interest)
  • To complete the route, click on the spinning Checker Flag Pin (your first time is logged as your result)
  • Each route can be re-ridden as many times as you like
  • Check your progress in your personal Dashboard
  • Go Ride your favourites for real – and if you make a route video be sure to submit it to KTM Places


Where Will You Ride Today? Check out www.KTMPlaces.co.uk for the answer.

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