April Smoke Stoves Main Parts Supplier Recommended

April Smoke Stoves Main Parts Supplier Recommended

Into April, the kitchen and bathroom products manufacturer to enter the “over customers,” monthly. According to incomplete statistics, this year’s meeting of suppliers increase 20% over last year, through meetings


Split the market cake, which means a kitchen and intensified market competition and progress.

Kitchen behind business success has been always the quiet support of their


Supplier to, the current recommendation of three tobacco companies to give the kitchen accessories factory, including the panel and the main burner and other accessories. Enterprises according to their own circumstances, please select the best suppliers!

Recommend a: far the industry panel stainless steel smoke machine


Recommend a: far the industry smoke machine stainless steel panel

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Far industry


Factory was established in 2000, was first established based mainly on the production hood panel, through continuous efforts and development, now is a professional wall

Range Hood

Research, development, production and manufacturers. Since inception the company has accumulated rich professional experience with solid strength, excellent technical equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, sound management system, excellent after-sale


. Our products are fashionable, high quality and functionality from internal to external form were all present high quality taste, flavor of the era.

Recommend two: King Yu glass double kitchen appliances 7

Recommend two: King Yu glass double kitchen appliances 7

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Yu Jing, Shunde Glass Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, founded in July 2004, factory covers an area of 4,500 square meters, is a professional manufacturer

Home Appliances

Complete with glass glass deep-processing enterprises. Exquisite technology, advanced equipment and excellent quality. Main products are high-end stove stove glass surface,


Face of glass, range hood, disinfecting cabinet door glass, electric oven door glass, glass products. Company for the United States, and 10,000, and large enterprises such as the long-term well-known supplier of quality products all over the country, sold to Southeast Asian countries. Regardless of manufacturing capacity, product quality, technical process Dengjun in leading glass processing industry. Companies with business department, production department, technical department, quality control, equipment, finance, materials and products, the Department of Administration Department of 8 departments. Clear responsibilities of all departments, with the close inter-for the production of qualified products provide high quality and reliable operation of the protection. Oh, advanced equipment, production capacity and stability, now has more than 100 production, technical and managerial personnel, production year after year looking through the output value of 10 million yuan mark a breakthrough.

Recommend three: Rong Sheng infrared burner gas stove

Recommend three: Rong Sheng infrared burner gas stove

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Rong Sheng Chang infrared Gas Stove diameter 150? From? Hole ceramic piece,? Hole high, low thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, burning an area of past ceramic infrared focal area of more than 1.2 times, with special Rong Sheng Chang stove, power has been enhanced, fire Gengmeng stronger.

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