American Civic Association’s Astrology of the Binghamton Shooting

American Civic Association’s Astrology of the Binghamton Shooting
What did trig an explosion in the astrology chart of Binghamton NY on April 3rd 2009? It was the planetary alignment. Sometime around 10:30AM there was an armed shooter entered the American Civic Association and opened fire. The chart of Binghamton NY was a conduit for the intense planetary energy happening during April third and fourth.

The day of the shooting Pluto was square retrograde Venus, with Pluto stationing at 1:35PM EDT 4/4/09. When Pluto stations it is at its power point and you can expect to see disruptions and violence from mankind and natural disasters from around the world.

A grand cardinal cross was made with Pluto and Venus in the sky (transiting) to Saturn in Libra in the first chart of Binghamton when it was declared a village. Pluto was opposed Uranus in Cancer in the incorporation chart of Binghamton. This symbolizes a day that something dear was suddenly destroyed.

Venus is what we love and value and Pluto symbolizes death and destruction. Uranus symbolizes sudden and unexpected surprise and Saturn sadness and depression. Many of the residents of Binghamton feel that they have been stripped of their innocence that they live in a peaceful quiet town.

Transiting Saturn, the planet of seriousness and depression, squared the natal Moons of both of the charts for Binghamton. In a mundane chart the Moon represents the public. When you combine the Moon with Saturn it is the symbol for sadness and bad news. Transiting Saturn was aspecting both the initial chart for Binghamton and the incorporated chart. Transiting Sun was conjunct natal Neptune. This represents confusion and disbelief about how that event could possibly happen. 

Even a city has an astrology chart that astrologers look at for understanding and insight. An astrologer interprets the chart of a city for insights into what will be important for that city and how the city will brand itself and its distinct qualities that people will associate with the city. Many times a city will have more than one chart, first when someone declares we want to make this a city and the second time when the council votes to incorporate the city or town, That is the case for Binghamton, the first chart is when Binghamton was declared a Village, May 3 1834, and the second when it was incorporated, April 9 1867.

When Venus moves direct April 17th 2009 it will do so at a point in Binghamton’s chart that symbolizes younger people. This is indicating that the youth in Binghamton will find meaning and create something good out of a senseless tragedy.

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