Harley Davidson Sportster® Iron 883™ Beat the traffic on the daily commute, avoid the social awkwardness of public transport and arrive at work every day with a smile on your face – just three reasons that buying a Harley is a great idea. But it doesn’t end there; this year we’ve come up with 99 reasons to get on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in the form of an attractive finance package costing just £99 a month.

Despite the iconic status of the brand, many of us still don’t realise how affordable owning one can be and the added bonus is the residual value. Even though the entry-level machines are cost-effective, with prices starting from £6,695 on the road for the ultra-customisable Iron 883™, they will hold their values well when it comes to selling or upgrading to something bigger.

And let’s face it, £99 a month is not much of a sacrifice: a night out for two, a family meal at a restaurant or giving up your daily takeaway coffee or sandwich at lunch. It’s less than the cost of commuting by tube* and, on a Harley®, you don’t have to avoid eye contact or get closer than you’d like to a stranger’s armpit. It’s also a cheaper alternative to the train with the benefit of a guaranteed seat, and quicker and easier than travelling by cycle.

Plus, you can choose a look that suits you – blacked out with matt accessories or polished chrome with sparkly paint, the Iron can look however you want it to, so it will truly reflect your personality and make you stand out in a crowd. Visit www.facebook.com/harleydavidsonuk and check out the custom Iron photo gallery for inspiration.

For full details on the current motorcycle line-up and to locate your nearest authorised Harley-Davidson UK dealer, please visit www.harley-davidson.co.uk

*based on the cost of monthly travelcard zones 1-5

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