bike trac Customers who fit the renowned Bike Trac security device to their motorcycle or scooter will be eligible for a special 25% Insurance discount from this month onwards, following a deal struck between the makers of Bike Trac and top insurers Wicked Quotes.

With conventional insurance discounts renowned for offering little more than 10%, Wicked Quotes can offer a whopping 25% discount thanks to the reputation, success and features boasted by Bike Trac.

Charles Easy of Wicked Quotes explains,“Generally when it comes to security discounts on Insurance, the most a customer can expect to receive is 10%. But thanks to Bike Trac’s technology, its endorsement by Thatcham and its excellent real-world recovery rates, we and our insurers see this as a very real and effective tool in the fight against motorcycle theft. Because of this we are pleased to award customers with a sizeable discount.”

Bike Trac not only provides peace of mind security thanks to functions that notify an owner by text and email if a bike is unlawfully moved, but also provides a 24/7 online portal for owners to check the exact whereabouts of their bike, as well as route tracking, battery voltage checks and more.

For more information on Bike Trac, please visit www.biketrac.co.uk and to get a quote from Wicked Quotes call 01582 833003.

More about Bike Trac:

For just £299.99 inc VAT* a Bike Trac unit really can offer an owner complete peace of mind. But unlike other units available, Bike Trac also offers handy additional functions too, so it’s not just a security device that works if the unthinkable happens. Bike Trac offers a handy 24/7 web portal where owners can log-in to see the exact whereabouts of their bike, check its battery voltage, review recent journeys and even set their very own Geo Fence too. On top of this Bike Trac also offers ‘Bike Down’ – a great safety feature for lone riders that will notify a next of kin via text should the bike go over an 80-degree lean angle with the ignition switched on. (* additional annual subscription required, but unlike some other units includes all text costs`).

For more information please log on to www.biketrac.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @BikeTrac or on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/BikeTrac

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