The MCI (The body which represents the uk’s motorcycle industry) has reacted to this years budget by re-enforcing its belief that the motorcycle industry is well placed to be a more active player in the Government’s efforts to improve the economy, but the Government is still not doing enough to tackle bureaucratic burdens and barriers which hold up innovation, investment and jobs in the motorcycle sector and in business generally.

This is one reason why MCI has once again called for the industry, particularly UK motorcycle manufacturing, to be included in the Automotive Council of the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).

MCI notes with concern that the cost of a vehicle tax disk will rise by the RPI. However, no measures to take much lower polluting motorcycles out of Vehicle Excise Duty were announced. With the lowest polluting cars now paying zero for a tax disk, the MCI deplores the Government’s lack of willingness to consider the motorcycle tax disk rates in a more positive way.

MCI also notes that Transport for London will received £15million for cycle safety improvements. Once again, the Government’s lack of a level playing field approach to transport policy is highlighted. Motorcycle safety is of concern to both riders and the public – Government itself has often expressed concern about safety. A balanced policy would have seen similar investment in sensible motorcycle safety initiatives and a wider recognition of the industry’s efforts to improve safety. Given that cycling has the same share of road traffic as motorcycling, MCI calls on Government to address this funding and policy imbalance.

Fuel duty will rise on August 1st by an estimated 3.62p a litre, including VAT. More than ever, the rising cost of fuel underlines the case for people to switch to motorcycling to reduce their transport costs. Industry will continue to highlight the lower cost and higher convenience credentials of biking as part of its ‘Get On’ campaign – www.geton.co.uk.

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